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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a market leader among cloud platforms when it comes to infrastructure and platform services. After launching with three services in 2006, they grew to offer more than 175 today, along with a global network of data centers. AWS is a mature platform with a broad range of services that are applicable to many industries. But for some businesses, onboarding with AWS can be a challenge. Which AWS services should be used? How do you move solutions into AWS? How can existing AWS infrastructure be modernized to achieve operational excellence? How can you create an application that will use AWS services? To help customers address these, and other questions, AWS has launched the Amazon Partner Network —and Fastdev is a part of it.
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How can we support you?

Fastdev supports anyone who needs help with AWS—from individual developers and startups, to small and medium companies and big enterprises. Fastdev's AWS offerings include, but are not limited to, the following.

Strategic support in AWS

  • Adapt your organization to AWS cloud
  • Strategic advice—from roadmaps to implementation
  • Building and training DevOps teams for operation in AWS
  • Support on your cloud migration journey—from breaking down monoliths and creating microservices and nanoservices, to migrating data and infrastructure
  • Onboarding to AWS
  • Auditing and advice on the security, performance, and resiliency of your solutions
  • Support aligning your solutions to the AWS well-architected framework
  • Cost optimization of your AWS infrastructure

Technical support in AWS

  • Developing cloud-native and hybrid solutions
  • Developing applications, including desktop, web, mobile, etc.
  • Developing containerized applications and containerization of existing applications
  • Developing serverless applications
  • Implementing Infrastructure as a code concept for your pipeline
  • Implementing CI/CD pipeline for your application, both cloud-native and hybrid
  • Integrating AWS logs and metrics with your 3rd party and on-prem service
  • Cleaning up and modernizing your existing AWS setup

How does it work?

Contact us and we will implement your idea. We can work with you in the following two ways.

Dedicated team members

Fastdev can provide you with dedicated and AWS certified team members, including Developers, DevOps engineers, SysAdmins, Cloud Architects, Solution Architects, Team Leaders, and Project Managers. They work remotely or on-site, and follow all your security requirements.

We take care of it

Describe your problem to us. We will review it and contact you about next steps. If needed, our experts can participate in your meetings and support you in your technical decisions. We’ll provide you with advice and, if you’d like, take the lead and solve the issue directly.

Why Fastdev?

Fastdev has been helping companies achieve their strategic and technical goals since 2007. Now, as an AWS Select Consulting Partner, we’re uniquely positioned to help businesses accelerate their journey to the cloud—and take the fullest advantage of all that AWS has to offer. We started out developing applications hosted on AWS for small and medium-sized customers. Today, we even help enterprise customers migrate on-prem solutions to AWS and create cloud-native solutions that operate with a very high load level— without interrupting their business.

Regardless of your organization size, we offer assistance with both strategic and technical support in AWS. Not only can we help solve your technical problem, but we can help you address the business problem that’s hidden behind the technical issues.


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